Scan Documents Using the IJ Scan Utility - Windows

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Published date:    06/01/2021
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Learn how to easily scan your documents and photos with the Auto Scan function of the IJ Scan Utility tool on your Windows computer.


Before you begin

How to use Auto Scan

 Video Watch the video to learn how to scan documents using the IJ Scan Utility for Windows or follow the written instructions below.

Written Instructions

Follow these steps to scan:

  1. Make sure that your scanner or printer is turned on.
  2. Place originals on the platen glass scanning surface.
  3. Launch IJ Scan Utility on your computer.
  4. Select Auto to start scanning.

Note You can select Cancel to stop the scan.

Image of the IJ Scan Utility navigation screen

  1. Your scanned image is saved in the folder you've specified in Settings... > Settings (Auto Scan).

Good to know

Types of items that may not scan correctly

  • This includes photos with a whitish background, items printed on white paper, thin or thick items, hand-written documents, business cards, etc.

  • You can correct this by adjusting the scan areas in whole image view of the scanner driver ScanGear, then rescanning the original document or photo.

Image corrections

  • To apply image corrections based on the item type, go to Settings... > Settings (Auto Scan) and select Apply recommended image correction.

  • Refer to About Auto Scan settings for more about image corrections.

Scanning specific types of media

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