Use the on-screen keyboard of your MX922 to enter numbers, letters, and symbols

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Published date:    04/10/2019
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Learn how to use the on-screen keyboard of your PIXMA MX922 to enter numbers, letters, and symbols.


Switch the input mode

The printer allows you to enter characters by selecting them from an on-screen list when registering information, such as unit name, a recipient's name for coded speed dial, and so on.

There are three input modes that you cycle through by pressing the center Function button (Aa1):
  • lowercase mode
  • uppercase mode
  • numeric mode.  (This mode includes symbols such as # + = & - _ @ etc. in addition to numbers)

Aa1 button

Enter numbers, letters, and symbols

Refer to this diagram:
Function buttons
  • Press the UpDownLeft, and Right buttons (A) to select the character, then press the OK button (B).
  • To enter a space, select Space
  • To delete the last character you entered, press the right function button to select Del. character.
  • After all characters are entered, press the left function button to select Done.

Edit text entry

  • To edit entered characters, press the Up or Down button to select the entry column (C).
  • Press the Left or Right button to move the cursor under the position you want to edit.
    Figure: LCD
  • To insert a space select Space, then press OK.
  • To insert a character select the character you want to insert, then press OK.
  • To delete a character press the right function button to select Del. character.

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