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CMS-XML Understand printing errors in OSX 10.12 Sierra
CMS-XML Printer Shows a B200 or Related Error (Models with Individual Ink Tanks)
CMS-XML Support Code 2901 Appears - TS3120 / TS3122
What to Do PIXMA TS3120 / TS3122 Page
CMS-XML Replace Ink Cartridge - PIXMA TS3120, TS3122
When ink cautions or errors occur, the error code will appear on the printer LCD to inform you of a problem. When this occurs, the printer
CMS-XML Understand the Symbols on the LCD - TS3120 / TS3122
The number of copies, maintenance code, error code or various icons is displayed on the LCD (1) Network status Appears when Wireless LAN is enabled.
CMS-XML Reset the Network Settings to Factory Defaults - PIXMA TS3120, TS3122
button. If an error code is flashing on the LCD of your printer, you will need to take appropriate action to resolve the error before you can reset the network settings to the factory defaults. Learn about error codes that may flash on your printer and how to troubleshoot them
CMS-XML Checking the Ink Status with the Ink Lamps - TS3120 / TS3122
lamp will flash to inform you of the error. Also the error code is displayed on the LCD Check the error code and take appropriate action.
CMS-XML Operation Panel - TS3120 / TS3122
The upper lamp indicates the black FINE cartridge status, the lower lamp the color FINE cartridge status. (9) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Displays the number of copies, maintenance code, error code or various icons.
CMS-XML Managing the Printer Power - TS3120 / TS3122
Auto Power is off or if communication between the printer and the computer is disabled, an error message may appear because the computer cannot collect the printer status.
CMS-XML Wi-Fi Set Up With a Mac - PIXMA TS3120 / TS3122 Printer
2. Download and run the setup files If you see a message like this: Select OK. Then, control-click on the setup file, select Open, then select Open in the error message window. This will allow the setup program to proceed.
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