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CMS-XML The Message "A Printer Error Has Occurred" Appears When Trying to Print (Windows)
A Printer Error Has Occurred appears when trying to print, check the printer itself to see if an error code is displayed on the LCD or if the Alarm and / or Power
CMS-XML Understand printing errors in OSX 10.12 Sierra
Find solutions to printing errors specific to Macintosh OSX 10.12 Sierra including filter error and partial printing issues.
CMS-XML Windows 10 Error 0x000007d1 (Specified Driver is Invalid) and Similar Errors
Learn how to troubleshoot the Specified Driver is Invalid error .
CMS-XML "Filter Error" occurs or printout is incorrect when using the OS X El Capitan (10.11) driver on a Mac OS X Sierra (10.12) system
Please update your computer to macOS 10.12.1 and install the latest CUPS printer driver for your printer to correct the issue described in this article. If you do not wish to update your OS to 10.12.1, please follow the steps below to print correctly if a "Filter failed" error occurs.
CMS-XML An error message such as [Paper and ink do not match] or [No ink] is displayed (SELPHY CP1300)
Solution Getting Started If an error icon appears in the printer's [LCD monitor] as shown below, or error messages such as [Paper and ink do not match] or [No Ink] appear in the camera's [LCD monitor], please check the paper cassette and the ink cassette combination for a mismatch. An error message such as [Paper and ink do not match] or [No ink] is displayed
CMS-XML Controls - SELPHY CP1300
SELPHY CP1300 Controls / Buttons Power, Menu, Wi-fi, Ok, Arrows (Up, Down, Left, Right) Zoom (Enlarge and Reduce), Back, Print
CMS-XML Part Names - SELPHY CP1300
Part Names - SELPHY CP1300 Memory Card Slot, Paper Cassette Compartment, Paper Cassette Compartment Cover, Ink Cassette Lock, Ink Cassette Compartment, Ink Cassette Compartment Cover, Camera / Flash Drive USB Port, DC IN (Power Input) Terminal, Computer USB Port,Air Vent, Paper Ejection Slot, Security Slot, Battery Pack Mounting Cover, Battery / Battery Cover Removal Switch
CMS-XML Home Screen Menus - SELPHY CP1300
SELPHY CP1300 Home Screen Menus Select & Print, More print options, Shuffle print, ID Photo, Wi-Fi settings, Setup
CMS-XML Print Wirelessly With Windows PC - SELPHY CP1300
Learn to print wirelessly from your Windows computer to a Selphy CP1300 printer.
CMS-XML Using Shuffle Print when Printing Images on Smartphones - CP1300
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