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CMS-XML How do I do batch separation using the R40/R50/RS40 scanner? document-scanner / imageformula - dr-s150 / imageformula - dr-s150 ?subtab=downloads-software
CMS-XML macOS 11 (Big Sur) support for imageFORMULA scanners
DR-C240 DR-S150 DR-M140
CMS-XML How (and when) do I replace the rollers on my DR-S150 scanner?
CMS-XML Scanning to a Shared Folder using the DR-S150
Follow the steps below to scan to a shared folder on your network using the DR-S150 .
CMS-XML What network ports does my DR-S150 scanner use?
If your DR-S150 stops responding over the network, it may be that your system is blocking one of the required network ports. See the table below for a list of the network ports that the DR-S150 uses.
CMS-XML How do I connect my DR-S150 scanner to a Wi-Fi network?
Use the Wireless Connection Tool to automatically acquire the required network information from the wireless settings of the computer connected to the access point, and connect the DR-S150 to the same network. Follow the steps listed below to successfully connect your scanner to a wireless (Wi-Fi) network.
CMS-XML Error: "A double paper-feed has occurred. Please check the document and the scanned image on the display and scan the document again." office /products/hardware/scanners/high_speed_ document_scanners / imageformula _ dr _c125_document_scanner#DriversAndSoftware
CMS-XML Displayed Error Codes
CMS-XML Received "Out of memory error" while scanning
CMS-XML During scanning, an unknown error occurs.
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