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CMS-XML Sending Faxes from Your Computer (PC Fax) (MF8580Cdw/MF8280Cw)
About the Fax Driver Help
CMS-XML MF8080/MF8280/MF8380/MF8580 Wireless Help Video using WPS
CMS-XML MF8080/MF8280/MF8380/MF8580 Wireless Help Video
CMS-XML PC Faxing from a Mac (imageCLASS Fax driver)
CMS-XML Various Fax Settings (MF8580Cdw/MF8280Cw)
Density 2-Sided Original ( MF8580Cdw Only) Sharpness
CMS-XML Forwarding Received Faxes (MF8580Cdw/MF8280Cw)
Specifying e-mail addresses and shared folders as forwarding destinations is only available for the MF8580Cdw . Selecting a Document to Forward
CMS-XML Making a Call before Sending Faxes (Manual Sending) (MF8580Cdw/MF8280Cw)
](B&W), and hang up the handset. Related Info Connecting the Telephone Line ( MF8580Cdw /MF8280Cw) Placing Documents (MF8580Cdw/MF8280Cw)
CMS-XML Cannot Print Because the Machine Memory Is Full (MF8580Cdw/MF8280Cw)
If sending a document with many pages, divide it into multiple sections. If sending a fax , reduce the resolution to scan the document. If scanning, change the file format to reduce its file size.
CMS-XML System Requirements (MF8580Cdw/MF8280Cw)
Enable Java scripting in your browser before using the e-Manual. Supported Operating Systems Send Faxes : Supported
CMS-XML Registering/Editing/Deleting Destinations in the Address Book (MF8580Cdw/MF8280Cw)
Press < Fax > when registering a fax number , and press <E-Mail> when registering an e-mail address. The types of destinations that can be selected vary depending on the machine model.
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