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CMS-XML Reset the Administrator Password - MAXIFY iB4020 or iB4120
Find out how to reset the administrator password on your MAXIFY iB4020 or iB4120 printer.
CMS-XML Examining the Nozzle Check Pattern - iB4020 / iB4120
This article provides information on what to look for when examining the nozzle check pattern printed from the MAXIFY iB4020 / iB4120.
CMS-XML How to Enable / Disable WSD - iB4020 / iB4120
This article explains how you can enable or disable WSD on the MAXIFY iB4020 / iB4120.
CMS-XML How to initiate Cableless setup - iB4020
Cableless setup Mode Your MAXIFY iB4020 printer can be connected to a wireless LAN via Cableless Setup. The printer must first be set up in Cableless Setup mode so that it can receive network information from a computer or mobile device. Follow these steps to place your printer in Cableless Setup mode.
CMS-XML Wireless LAN connection of your printer to an access point using WPS - iB4020
You can use a WPS Push Button setup to connect your MAXIFY iB4020 to a wireless network.
CMS-XML Connecting Your Printer to a Wireless LAN (WPS PIN Code) - iB4020
This article shows how to start a wireless connection of your MAXIFY iB4020 to a wireless LAN using the WPS PIN code method.
CMS-XML How to Toggle the Detect Paper Setting Mismatch Option - iB4020
function on your MAXIFY iB4020 . This will prevent support code 2113 from appearing on the display of the printer if the loaded paper is different from the settings specified on the printer.
CMS-XML Support Code List - iB4020
Support Code Appears on the LCD and the Computer Screen About the support code for paper jam, you can also refer to . iB4020 Page
CMS-XML Cassette Settings - iB4020
Load A4, Letter, or Legal sized plain paper in of the cassette s to activate this function. iB4020 Page
CMS-XML Aligning the Print Head Automatically from a Mac - iB4020
Print Head Alignment iB4020 Page
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