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CMS-XML Disconnect non standard fax protocol device from line
CMS-XML Verify the remote fax machine is set to answer automatically
CMS-XML Connect the fax to the correct phone line
CMS-XML Verify the fax number to send to is correct
CMS-XML Faxing from the computer (PC faxing) MP730
Sending a fax (from your computer) In the 'Print' dialog box, in the 'Select Printer' or 'Name' list, select 'Canon MP730 FAX ', then click'Print' or 'OK'. Enter the 'Name' and 'Fax' of the recipient, then click 'Add to Recipient List'.
CMS-XML Receiving a fax manually MP730
CMS-XML LCD messages (MP700 / MP730)
LCD Messages - MP700 / MP730 Try sending the document at a later time. The fax number dialed was incorrect. Check the fax number and dial again.
CMS-XML Connect the answering machine to the fax
CMS-XML Connecting external devices to the multifunction fax
CMS-XML Enter outside dialing prefix before the fax number
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