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CMS-XML Loading Paper - MP640 / MP640R
CMS-XML Printer is Offline - MP640 / MP640R
CMS-XML Media Types You Can Use - MP640 / MP640R
CMS-XML Reseat ink tank(s) MP640 / MP640R
CMS-XML Perform A Manual Print Head Alignment MP640 / MP640R
CMS-XML Printer not responding (Wireless LAN) - MP640 / MP640R
CMS-XML How to print out the network settings information - MP640 / MP640R
This article explains how to print out the network setting information (LAN details) for the PIXMA MP640 / MP640R . An example of this information is attached to the bottom of this article.
CMS-XML Using the Card Slot over a Network (Windows) - MP640 / MP640R
CMS-XML Remove a Paper Jam - PIXMA MP640 or MP640R
Before you begin If you turn off or unplug the printer you may stop a fax in progress or delete any faxes stored in the printer's memory.
CMS-XML How to resolve error 6A80 on an MP640 / MP640R
There are several reasons for error 6A80 to appear. This article provides you recommendations with links to clear the message. If the above recommendations do not help you resolve the error, the printer will require servicing.
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