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CMS-XML Fax reports examples
CMS-XML Disconnect non standard fax protocol device from line
CMS-XML Verify the remote fax machine is set to answer automatically
CMS-XML Test Fax # - Canon Fax Machines and Office All-In-Ones
CMS-XML Press Black to resend the faxes (MX310)
CMS-XML Sending from an MX310 using a calling (credit) card
A calling (or credit) card can be used when sending faxes locally, long distance or overseas. Please see the back of the card for instructions on the exact dialing sequence. For instance, dial the toll free number provided by the vendor just as you would to make a regular phone call. If you are prompted to enter the calling card, do so - as you normally would. If a PIN (access code) has to be entered before the fax number is dialed, do so. Tips to help you send a fax using a calling (credit) card.
CMS-XML PC faxing with the MX310
Sending a FAX Reference For details on valid characters, refer to the help for the fax driver. You can register the recipient you entered to the address Book by clicking Add to Address Book...
CMS-XML Sending from an MX310 using a long distance calling code
The telephone company or PBX system may use long distance calling codes on a phone line as a means to manage long distance calls. This service may extend to a fax phone line and for local phone calls as well. Tips to help you send a fax using a calling code.
CMS-XML Change the fax settings - MX310
CMS-XML Setting the fax receive mode MX310
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