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CMS-XML Sending Faxes MX372
CMS-XML Setting Up the FAX MX372
CMS-XML Preventing Mistransmission of Faxes MX372
CMS-XML Fax reports examples
CMS-XML Test Fax # - Canon Fax Machines and Office All-In-Ones
CMS-XML Cannot Send a Fax - MX372
CMS-XML Set ECM TX to ON / OFF (MX372)
If there is noise on the phone line, sent faxes may include white horizontal lines across the page (like missing lines) or compressed lines; or, errors will appear on the display.
CMS-XML An Error Message Is Displayed on the LCD - MX372
When sending faxes before printing out received data, press the Stop
CMS-XML Sending a Fax Using the Memory Dialing Feature MX372
CMS-XML A Message for Faxing Is Displayed on the LCD - MX372
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