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CMS-XML Procedure for using Stitch Assist mode using the PowerShot SX10 IS and SX20 IS.
CMS-XML Procedure for setting exposure compensation PowerShot SX1 IS and SX10 IS.
Adjusting the Exposure Compensation (Special Scene Mode) Stitch Assist , P, Av, and Tv modes.
CMS-XML Using the Control Dial for the PowerShot SX1 IS and SX10 IS.
Using the Control Dial. Selecting the movie mode Selecting the shooting direction in Stitch Assist mode Selecting a shutter speed in Tv
CMS-XML Setting Continuous Shooting mode PowerShot SX10 IS.
Continuous Shooting ], [Stitch Assist ],
CMS-XML Replacing the Date Battery for the PowerShot SX1 IS, SX10 IS and SX20 IS.
Replacing the Date Battery. Be particularly careful to keep the date batteries out of the reach of children. Seek medical assistance immediately if a child swallows a battery since corrosive battery fluids can damage the stomach or intestinal walls.
CMS-XML Using Focus Check with the PowerShot SX10 IS.
Checking Focus on images in review. ] cannot be set. When the shooting mode is set to [Stitch Assist ] (
CMS-XML Error messages that appear on the LCD of the PowerShot SX10 IS.
By formatting the malfunctioning memory card with the camera, you may be able to continue using it. However, if this error message continues to appear, contact your Canon Customer Support Help Desk as there may be a problem with the camera. Memory card full Memory card is full of images and no more can be recorded or saved.
CMS-XML Procedure for connecting the camera to a TV set PowerShot SX10 IS.
Viewing Images on a TV Set A TV set cannot be used in [Stitch Assist ] mode.
CMS-XML Procedure for adjusting file numbering PowerShot SX1 IS and SX10 IS.
File and Folder Numbers Self-timer images (custom) Stitch Assist mode images My Colors images ([Save Original] set to [On])
CMS-XML Selecting shooting modes PowerShot SX10 IS.
Selecting a Still Image Shooting Mode (1600 x 1200) Stitch Assist Allows you to shoot overlapping images that can later be merged (stitched) to create one panoramic image on a computer.
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