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CMS-XML Setting the Peaking (Emphasizing the Outline of Objects) Color, Gain, and Frequency focus assist function
CMS-XML XF305/XF300 System Map
XF305/ XF300 System Map
CMS-XML XF305/XF300 Supplied Accessories
XF305/ XF300 Supplied Accessories
CMS-XML XF305/XF300 Battery pack charging times
XF305/ XF300 Battery pack charging times
CMS-XML Supplied Accessories (XF305/XF300)
Supplied Accessories (XF305/ XF300 )
CMS-XML Battery performance (XF305/XF300)
Battery performance (XF305/ XF300 )
CMS-XML System Diagram (XF305/XF300)
System Diagram (XF305/ XF300 )
CMS-XML Using Record Review with the XF300/305
Using Record Review with the XF300 /305
CMS-XML System Requirements (XF305/XF300)
System Requirements (XF305/ XF300 )
CMS-XML Macro shooting with the XF300 and XF305
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