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CMS-XML Lithium Battery Flight Restrictions - Printers/Fax
Lithium Battery Flight Restrictions - Printers/Fax iP90/iP90v i80 /80i i70/50i
CMS-XML Replace the Ink Tanks (i70 / i80 )
CMS-XML Charge the battery i70 / i80 / iP90
CMS-XML The noise is normal i70 / i80 /iP90
CMS-XML Install the print head and inks correctly i70 / i80 .
CMS-XML Connect the camera to the printer properly i70 / i80 / iP90
CMS-XML Confirm that the recommended ink tanks are installed properly (i70 / i80 )
CMS-XML Printing to the i80 / iP90 with Bluetooth Compliant Devices other than a Computer
CMS-XML Install the i70 / i80 printer driver using the prepackaged CD (Mac OS 8.6 - 9.x)
CMS-XML Setting up the printer and computer for printing via Bluetooth (Mac OS X v10.6.x) - i80
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