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CMS-XML Correcting received faxes partially cut off
CMS-XML Add a pause to the number and send the fax again (MF5900 Series/D1300 Series)
CMS-XML Attaching a Cover Sheet (Mac Fax Driver)
CMS-XML PC Faxing from a Mac (imageCLASS Fax driver)
CMS-XML Select Line Type (MF5900 Series/D1350/D1370)
Select Line Type Change this option when you cannot send a fax . Contact your local telephone company when you are not sure of the line type that you are using. How to access the option
CMS-XML Contact the receiving party (MF5900 Series/D1350/D1370)
Contact the receiving party. Make sure that the receiving fax machine is compatible with your machine (For example, check to see if the receiving fax machine is a G3 fax machine ). Make sure that there's enough paper loaded in the receiving fax machine's paper tray.
CMS-XML Modes Cannot Switch Automatically between Telephone and Fax
CMS-XML Check the following when unable to receive a fax manually
CMS-XML Scanning Settings When Sending a Fax (MF5900 Series/D1350/D1370)
CMS-XML Sending a Fax Manually (MF5900 Series/ D1350 /D1370)
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