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CMS-XML Changing Toner Supply Low Settings-IC D880/780/680/PC 1080F
Changing "Toner Supply Low" Settings You can select from the following: -[RX TO MEMORY] ( Sends the faxes to memory and stores them until the toner cartridge is changed). -[KEEP PRINTING] (Unit will continue to print until the black toner cartridge is empty)
CMS-XML Fax Specifications IC D880/780/680/PC 1080F
Fax Specifications IC D880 /780/680/PC 1080F
CMS-XML Sending a fax Overseas (from the U.S.) - PC1080F/D680/D780/ D880
CMS-XML Printing a Received Document in the Correct Page Order-IC D880
Printing a Received Document in the Correct Page Order The machine collates your received fax documents in page order by default. However, if you set [PRINT IN ORDER] to [OFF], received faxes are printed in the reverse page order.
CMS-XML Copier Specifications IC D880 /861/860