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CMS-XML Sending a Fax Manually
CMS-XML Cannot Send a Fax
CMS-XML Scanning Settings When Sending a Fax
CMS-XML If You Cannot Receive a Fax
CMS-XML PC Faxing from a Mac (imageCLASS Fax driver)
CMS-XML Saving Received Fax Documents in the Memory/Forwarding Received Fax Documents
CMS-XML Basic Procedures for Sending Faxes (MF6160dw/MF6180dw)
CMS-XML Faxing Documents from Computers
The display may differ according to the operating system and system environment. Viewing the Online Help (PC Fax) You can display the online help by clicking [ Help ] on the printer driver screen.
CMS-XML Sending a Fax Abroad (Adding Pauses) (MF6160dw/ MF6180dw )
CMS-XML If You Have Problems Printing with Mopria™ (MF6180dw/MF6160dw)
If You Have Problems Printing with Mopria™ ( MF6180dw /MF6160dw)
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