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CMS-XML Canceling Fax Jobs-ICMF 6500
CMS-XML PC Faxing from a Mac (imageCLASS Fax driver)
CMS-XML How to send a fax. (MF6595cx/MF6595/MF6590 Only)
How to send a fax. (MF6595cx/MF6595/ MF6590 Only)
CMS-XML Installing the Software using Network connection (MF6595cx/MF6595/MF6590/MF6540 Only)
... ] and [ FAX (for Supported ... note: In any of the following conditions, select [Canon Driver Information Assist Service] to install the DIAS service. ... note: If you select the [ Fax :Canon MF6500 Series ( FAX )], [ Fax Sending Settings] screen appears. ... 1 Open the [Printers and Faxes ] folder (Windows 2000: the [Printers] dialog box). Windows XP/Server2003: Click [start] on the Windows task bar -> select [Printers and Faxes ].
CMS-XML Manual FAX Sending (MF6595cx/MF6595/MF6590 Only)
CMS-XML Detailed settings in receive mode <FAX/TEL> (MF6595cx/MF6595/MF6590 Only)
CMS-XML For the machine to receive faxes automatically, the receive mode must be set to <FaxOnly>, <FaxTel>, <AnsMode>, or <DRPD>. (MF6595cx/MF6595/MF6590 Only)
CMS-XML How to adjust the SNMP settings. (MF6595cx/MF6595/MF6590/MF6540 Only)
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) helps monitor the state of the machine and collects information on it. The default setting is <AUTO> for <USE SNMP> and <161> for <PORT NO.>. The following two items can be set:
CMS-XML Cancel TX/RX Jobs (MF6595cx/MF6595/MF6590 Only)
Follow the procedure below to cancel an ongoing fax job (sending or receiving). 1. Press [Stop]. 2. When the <STOP KEY PRESSED> message appears, press [OK].
CMS-XML Select <KEEP PRINTING>. (MF6595cx/MF6595/MF6590 Only)
Select <KEEP PRINTING> for <CONT. PRINTING> in <PRINTER SETTINGS> in the < FAX SETTINGS> menu. With this setting, the machine will not store documents in the memory even if the toner has run out.
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