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CMS-XML Registering I-Fax Addresses
CMS-XML Registering Fax Numbers through the Address Book
CMS-XML Check the name of the SMTP server or POP server in E-mail/I-Fax in Network Settings in System Settings (from the Additional Functions screen).
CMS-XML Sending an E-Mail Message (imageCLASS MF7480 Only)
- You can also specify a fax number as the reply-to address. - You cannot select multiple destinations at the same time. - To cancel a selected reply-to address, press [Reply-to], then [Cancel].
CMS-XML E-mail/i-fax settings (MF 7480)
E-mail/i- fax settings ( MF 7480 )
CMS-XML Storing Forwarding Settings
Storing Forwarding Settings 8. Set the forwarding conditions. If your machine is the imageCLASS MF7480 and [ Fax ] is selected as the receive type, or if your machine is imageCLASS MF7470/MF7460: - Press the Fax Number drop-down list, then select the forwarding condition.
CMS-XML Make sure the e-mail, I-fax, or file server address you entered using the New Address Tab or registered in the Address Book is correct.
CMS-XML Ethernet Driver Settings ( imageCLASS MF7480 /MF7470 Only)
CMS-XML Setting the WINS configuration ( imageCLASS MF7480 /MF7470 Only)
CMS-XML Registering/Editing File Server Addresses ( imageCLASS MF7480 /MF7470 Only)
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