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CMS-XML How can I scan to my DR-G2140 / DR-G2110 scanner when it is on a different network (segment)?
CMS-XML Windows 11 scanner USB connection issue
CMS-XML Make sure that the scanner and the computer are correctly connected with the USB cable. (6050C/7550C/9050C)
CMS-XML Troubleshooting - The Scanner Is Not Recognized (Connecting via USB) (DR-G1130/G1100)
CMS-XML Scanning speeds are lower if your computer's USB interface is not Hi-Speed USB 2.0.
CMS-XML Connecting the DR-6010C using USB
CMS-XML Access to USB devices may be blocked by security software.
CMS-XML How to add a static IP address to a DR-G2140/G2110 scanner (network models only)
The Web menu is used to display information about the scanner, to set up the network when connecting to a wired LAN, and to configure various Web services. Scanner settings can be configured using a Web browser.
CMS-XML The scanner is not recognized when connected by USB.
CMS-XML Confirm that the scanner is properly connected to the computer with the supplied USB cable (P-150)
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