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CMS-XML How do I find the WPS button on my wireless router?
CMS-XML Confirm that the recommended ink tanks are installed properly - BJC-80
CMS-XML Replace / install the BJ Cartridge ( Print Head ) Properly- BJC-80
CMS-XML BJC-80 Error Codes - Beeping Flashing Lights
CMS-XML Print Nozzle Check Pattern / Self Test from unit BJC-80
Printing Nozzle Check Pattern (Self Test) - BJC-80
CMS-XML Confirm that infrared communication requirements are being met - BJC Printers
The requirements for infrared communications with the computer Is IRDA communication supported between the printer and the operating system? BJC-80 Win 9x and Me BJC-50 Win9x, Me
CMS-XML Support information for Microsoft Windows 7 (INKJET PRINTERS)
This bulletin reports the support information for Windows 7 regarding Inkjet Printers. BJC-240, BJC-50, BJC-4300, BJC-4400, BJC-80 , BJC-1000, BJC-2000, BJC-2100, BJC-3000, BJC-55, BJC-6000, BJC-8000, BJC-85 When connecting these printers to a Windows 7 computer connected to the Internet, the Inbox printer driver from Windows Update will be installed.
CMS-XML Using the BJ Setup Utility
Using the BJ Setup Utility "200" series: BJC-210; BJC-240; BJC-250; BJC-251 "4000" series: BJC-4100; BJC-4200; BJC-4300; BJC-4302; BJC-4304; BJC-4400; BJC-4550 Portables: BJC-80 ; BJC-50