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CMS-XML Wireless Setup for the imageCLASS MF400 Series, MF620 Series, MF720 Series and the MF515dw (Contains Video) (Windows)
Once your printer has been setup follow the instructions below for downloading and installing your printer, scanner, and fax driver depending on which model you have. In the example below we will be using the imageCLASS MF729Cdw and Windows 7 64 bit. The screens may vary somewhat based on your selections and the browser you use.
CMS-XML Mobile Printing Compatibility Chart for imageCLASS products
CMS-XML Service Notice: Windows 10 Scanning for imageCLASS
Color imageCLASS MF726Cdw Color imageCLASS MF729Cdw Install Patch from
CMS-XML Adjusting Color Balance
Basic Copying Method 2-Sided Copying ( MF729Cdw / MF726Cdw) ID: 8202640100_EN_1
CMS-XML Print using Airprint on a mobile device - imageCLASS products
For [Black & White], slide left for color or right for black and white. (Color models only)
CMS-XML Paper Handling
MF729Cdw / MF726Cdw ... MF729Cdw / MF726Cdw ... 16 to 19 lb Bond (60 to 74 g/㎡) 250 sheets 50 sheets Color paper*1 ... 16 to 19 lb Bond (60 to 74 g/㎡) 150 sheets 1 sheet Color paper
CMS-XML Replacing Toner Cartridges
MF729Cdw / MF726Cdw ... Each toner cartridge color has its own slot in the toner cartridge tray, and this tray is indicated with a corresponding color label ( ). Place the toner cartridge into the slot that corresponds to its color .
CMS-XML Checking the remaining toner level - MF624Cw - MF628Cw - MF726Cdw - MF729Cdw
CMS-XML Sending Documents as E-mails Directly from the Machine ( MF729Cdw /MF726Cdw/MF628Cw/MF624Cw)
CMS-XML 2-Sided Copying (MF729Cdw / MF726Cdw)
2-Sided Copying ( MF729Cdw / MF726Cdw)
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