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CMS-XML How to Connect to a Tablet via Wireless LAN (the Wi-Fi Function) (EOS Remote)
Solution EOS Remote is a smartphone application for iOS and Androidâ„¢ devices, and it can be used with EOS 6D or EOS 70D .
CMS-XML Connecting your camera to for the first time using the mobile app.
EOS 6D Mark II EOS 70D EOS 77D
CMS-XML Countries and Regions Permitting Wireless Communication Function Use
CMS-XML Function Difference Between Mobile App and PC (browser) Version
CMS-XML Smartphone (Device) Specifications and System Requirements for a Wireless Connection with a Camera (Canon Camera Connect)
CMS-XML What Can I Do Using the Wireless LAN Functions? (EOS 70D)
Solution This cameras wireless LAN functions let you perform a range of tasks wirelessly, from sending images to Web services and other cameras to controlling the camera remotely, simply by connecting to a Wi-Fi network or other device supporting this cameras wireless LAN functions. What You Can Do Using the Wireless LAN Functions
CMS-XML Connect to a Computer With a USB Cable - EOS 70D
Before you begin The AC Adapter Kit ACK-E6 (sold separately) is recommended for the power source. If Wi-Fi ® is set to Enable
CMS-XML The camera cannot be connected with a computer (The computer does not recognize the camera) (EOS 70D)
1. [ Wi-Fi ] is set to [Enable] If [Wi-Fi] is set to [Enable] under the cameras [
CMS-XML How do I resize images captured by EOS 70D with the camera? (How to resize an image to make the pixel count lower.)
JPEG S3 and RAW images cannot be resized. When Wi-Fi function is used, resizing is not possible.
CMS-XML Can I convert RAW images to JPEG images in the camera (in-camera RAW development)? (EOS 70D)
When Wi-Fi function is used, RAW image processing cannot be performed.
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