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CMS-XML Countries and Regions Permitting Wireless Communication Function Use
CMS-XML Function Difference Between Mobile App and PC (browser) Version
Figure 27 Showing a mobile EOS C700 confi guration featurin g the Compac t Cine Servo CN -E18 โ€“ 800 mm lens 18 ๋€€เด€ฦž 12.0 SUMMARY
The EOS C700 offer s broader 4K imaging options than the EOS C300 Mark II , significantly extended recording options, expanded system interfaces, and multiple operational features sought in an A -Camera. The EOS C300 Mark II flanks the EOS C700 as a mobile and versatile companion B -Camer a. These two cameras share the same Super 35mm 4.5K CMOS image sensor developed by Canon to achieve a 15 -Stop dynamic range.
The EOS C700 and its companion mobile camera EOS C300 Mark II have a 15 -stop specification for their dynamic range. This supports capture of image detail at brightness levels more than 6 -stops above the 18% reference gray and more than 8 -stops below that same reference. The cameras can select between a numb er of OETF logarithmic transfer characteristics depending upon the nature of a given scene illumination and the nature of the production.
CMS-XML Canon Tech Tip: Controlling your Cinema EOS camera from a compatible Wifi device
CMS-XML Using Anamorphic Lenses on an EOS C700 model
CMS-XML Adjusting the Black Balance on an EOS C700 model
CMS-XML Setting the User Bit on the EOS C700 models
CMS-XML Setting the Time Code on the EOS C700 models
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