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CMS-XML Countries and Regions Permitting Wireless Communication Function Use
CMS-XML Elura 2 / Elura 2MC Specifications
CMS-XML Purpose of the docking unit
What is the purpose of the docking unit? The Elura 2 , the Elura 2MC, the Elura 10, and the Elura 20MC are very small and highly portable units. In order to keep this compact size, the docking unit is a separate device which provides additional connectivity that is not normally needed. The docking unit connects physically and electronically with the Elura camcorder, and provides connections for an external microphone, earphones, S-video, and a LANC terminal (which provides connection to other LANC-compatible devices.)
CMS-XML Compatibility with external microphones (Elura)
Can this digital video camera use external microphones? Yes. Stereo microphones with a plug diameter of 3.5 mm are compatible, and condenser microphones are recommended. The jack for the external microphone is in the DU-300 docking unit for the Elura 2 , Elura 2MC, Elura 10, and Elura 20MC. The jack for the external microphone is in the DU-100 docking unit for the ZR camcorder.