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CMS-XML Countries and Regions Permitting Wireless Communication Function Use
CMS-XML Supplied and optional accessories (VIXIA HF M50 / HF M52 / HF M500)
- Image mix data - Image files that can be used with the image mix function (image mix frames). Quick Guide Wi-Fi Basic Setup Guide
CMS-XML Types of recording modes and changing the recording modes
For recording time estimates, please see the following links. VIXIA HF M50 / HF M52 / HF M500 , LEGRIA HF M52 / HF M56 / HF M506 VIXIA HF R30 / HF R32 / HF R300, LEGRIA HF R36 / HF R37 / HF R36 / HF R306
CMS-XML Using the WP-V4 Waterproof Case (VIXIA HF M50 / HF M52 / HF M500, LEGRIA HF M52 / HF M56 / HF M506)
Battery supported BP-718 / 727 Operable buttons POWER button, START/STOP button, zoom lever (Menu settings can be established using the wireless controller.)