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CMS-XML Wi-Fi Connection Assistant Downloads
Models Supported by the Wi-Fi Connection Assistant. MAXIFY iB4120 (*) MB2120 (*)
CMS-XML Information on Checking Printer Connection Status Using Wi-Fi Connection Assistant (Windows)
CMS-XML Wi-Fi Connection Assistant Guide
CMS-XML Print from your Mac to your wireless printer using AirPrint
CMS-XML Wireless Setup Help - MAXIFY iB4120
Wireless Setup on Android Phone and Tablets Wireless Setup on iOS Devices (iPad, iPhone) iB4120 Page
CMS-XML Setting up the MAXIFY iB4120 Printer for use on a Wireless LAN - Establishing connection with a Mac Computer
Setting up the MAXIFY Printer for use on a Wireless LAN The Cableless setup method is a quick and easy way to set up the printer for use on a Wi-Fi ( Wireless ) network. Follow the instructions below to set up the printer. This method can be used for first-time installs, for adding the printer to additional computers on the network, or for re-establishing a network connection after a router or network change.
CMS-XML How to Connect the Printer to a Wireless LAN via the WPS Push Button Method - iB4120
The button itself may be labelled simply as WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup Refer to your router's documentation for more information.
CMS-XML Using the Machine with Direct Connection - iB4120
Changing Printer's Settings Security setting and password Printer's name which appears on a Wi-Fi Direct compatible device
CMS-XML Connecting Your Printer to a Wireless LAN (WPS PIN Code) - iB4120
This article shows how to start a wireless connection of your MAXIFY iB4120 to a wireless LAN using the WPS PIN code method.
CMS-XML How to Disable IPv6 - iB4120
If you experience a 6901 or 6910 error on your iB4120 , disabling IPv6 may help resolve the problem.
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