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CMS-XML Wireless dual band router support
Wireless Dual Band Router Support PIXMA MP990 PIXMA MX340 PIXMA MX350
CMS-XML Setting up the wireless printer after changing routers, router settings or networks (Windows)
Perform the following procedure to uninstall the MP drivers: MP620 / MP980 MX340 MX860
CMS-XML Using Easy Setup to Set Up the MX340 For Use Over a Wireless LAN
Wireless Setup Step-by-step instruction is available on our Wireless Help page to assist you in setting up your printer on your network. Click the appropriate link(s) below for help.
CMS-XML Uninstalling / reinstalling the wireless MX340 MP drivers (Windows)
CMS-XML Understand Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
CMS-XML Wireless LAN setup using WPS connection - Windows (MX340)
Follow these instructions if your access point or router supports WPS ( Wi-Fi Protected Setup). For details on WPS, refer to the manual of your access point.
CMS-XML Wireless LAN setup using WPS Method (Macintosh) - MX340
WPS Setup If your access point or router supports WPS ( Wi-Fi Protected Setup):
CMS-XML Main components - MX340
Front View (10) Wi-Fi lamp Lights or flashes blue to indicate the wireless LAN status.
CMS-XML Setting up additional computer(s) for use over wireless LAN (Macintosh) - MX340
How to perform the wireless LAN setup so that other computers can share the same printer (Macintosh) 1.Make sure that the machine is turned on and that the Wi-Fi lamp (A) lights blue.
CMS-XML Changing the machine settings (MX340)
Select when you perform settings for wireless LAN using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). Select Push button method
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