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CMS-XML Understand Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
CMS-XML How do I find the WPS button on my wireless router?
CMS-XML Is the MX700 a Wireless Printer?
If your product issue was not resolved after following the steps above, or if you require additional help , please create or log in to your Canon Account to see your technical support options.
CMS-XML Fax Quick Tips - MX700
This article lists a general outline of top fax categories with links to articles that will assist you with detailed instructions to resolve the most common issues
CMS-XML Cleaning the encoder (timing) strip - MX700
The timing strip is a clear, plastic strip approximately ΒΌ" in height positioned horizontally across the center of the unit, just in front of the carriage drive belt. The timing strip contains many thin black vertical lines that help determine the carriage position during operation.
CMS-XML How to resolve error 5100 on an MX700
There are several reasons for error 5100 to appear. This article provides you recommendations with links to clear the message. The encoder film/strip may need to be cleaned If the above recommendations do not help you resolve the error, the printer will need to be repaired
CMS-XML Sending from an MX700 using a calling (credit) card
A calling (or credit) card can be used when sending faxes locally, long distance or overseas. Please see the back of the card for instructions on the exact dialing sequence. For instance, dial the toll free number provided by the vendor just as you would to make a regular phone call. If you are prompted to enter the calling card, do so - as you normally would. If a PIN (access code) has to be entered before the fax number is dialed, do so. Tips to help you send a fax using a calling (credit) card.
CMS-XML PC faxing with the MX700
Sending a FAX Reference For details on valid characters, refer to the help for the fax driver. You can register the recipient you entered to the address Book by clicking Add to Address Book...
CMS-XML Clean the paper feed rollers using the MX700 operator panel
Cleaning the Paper Feed Roller of the Front Tray Note Paper is loaded to aid the cleaning process and will not be printed on.
CMS-XML Set the Ink Intensity (Mac OS X) MX700
settings, customers may refer to the Apple Help files and application vendor, or customers may use their support options for Apple If you select None, color correction will not be performed.
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