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CMS-XML Understand Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)
CMS-XML Change the machine settings (MX850)_
Click Print Settings to access Wireless Print Settings or Bluetooth Settings. ... Extended copy amount for this setting may help solve the problem. ... Wireless Print Settings Quiet mode Printing from a wireless communication device,
CMS-XML Fax Quick Tips - MX850
This article lists a general outline of top fax categories with links to articles that will assist you with detailed instructions to resolve the most common issues
CMS-XML Scan Quick Tips - MX850
To assist you in finding an answer to your inquiry, some of our most referred-to articles have been categorized in this document. When you find an article that closely matches your inquiry, click on it to open it.
CMS-XML Cleaning the Encoder (Timing) Strip - MX850
This article explains how to clean the encoder (timing) strip for the PIXMA MX850. This may help resolve misaligned printing if a print head alignment does not resolve the problem.
CMS-XML How to resolve error 5100 on an MX850
There are several reasons for error 5100 to appear. This article provides you recommendations with links to clear the message. The printer needs to be reset printer will need to be repaired If the above recommendations do not help you resolve the error, the .
CMS-XML PC faxing with the MX850
Sending a FAX Reference For details on valid characters, refer to the help for the fax driver. You can register the recipient you entered to the address Book by clicking Add to Address Book...
CMS-XML Setting up the printer and computer for printing via Bluetooth - Macintosh - MX850
Installing the MP Drivers Before connecting the Bluetooth unit to the printer for wireless printing, first the USB cable must be connected between the printer and computer, and the MP Drivers must be installed using the Setup CD-ROM
CMS-XML Set the Ink Intensity (Mac OS X) MX850
settings, customers may refer to the Apple Help files and application vendor, or customers may use their support options for Apple If you select None, color correction will not be performed.
CMS-XML Set the Ink Intensity (Windows) MX850
The Intensity setting controls the amount of ink placed on the paper. The higher the intensity the darker (more ink) the printed image will be. If the Intensity setting is set too high, the printed page may become too wet and curl or streak. The coloring can be adjusted manually for all items, or automatically using ICM (Windows color correcting function). Follow the instructions below to adjust the ink intensity settings. settings, customers may refer to the Windows Help files and application vendor, or customers may use their support options for Windows Click to return to step 3 of the instructions above
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