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CMS-XML Specifications - CP510
CMS-XML SELPHY CP510 Accessories
CMS-XML Compatible operating systems - CP510
CMS-XML System Requirements - SELPHY CP510 / CP710
CMS-XML Power on the printer CP510 / CP710
CMS-XML Clear the paper jam - CP510 / CP710
CMS-XML Device Requirements for Bluetooth Printing - CP510 / CP710
CMS-XML Printing to the CP510 / CP710 with Bluetooth Compliant Devices
Printing by Bluetooth Communications Note: When selecting the model name, select "Canon CP710 xx:xx:xx" (for SELPHY CP710) and "Canon CP510 xx:xx:xx" (for SELPHY CP510 ) (xx stands for alphanumerics). When using the SELPHY CP710, the Bluetooth connection screen is displayed on the LCD monitor.
CMS-XML Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility (Compact Photo Printers)
Compact Photo Printer Support for Windows 7 Yes SELPHY CP510 Yes
CMS-XML Easy-PhotoPrint version 3.3 supported models
MFP MultiPASS MP360/ MultiPASS MP370/ MultiPASS MP390/ MultiPASS MP730/ PIXMA MP750/ PIXMA MP760/ PIXMA MP780/ PIXMA MP130 / PIXMA MP150 / PIXMA MP170 / PIXMA MP450 / PIXMA MP500 / PIXMA MP800 / PIXMA MP800R / PIXMA MP950 CP Printers CP-100/ CP-200/ CP-220/ CP-300/ CP-330/ CP400/ CP500/ CP510 / CP600 / CP710
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