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CMS-XML Common Problems and Solutions ( R10 )
CMS-XML Canon imageFORMULA R10 Document Scanner Product Tour
The Canon imageFORMULA R10 portable document scanner is simple to set up and easy to use anywhere. Here is the direct link:
CMS-XML What operating systems will my imageFORMULA R10 work on?
The imageFORMULA R10 will work with the following OS's:
CMS-XML What kind of things can by R10 scanner do?
The main features of the R10 document scanner are described below:
CMS-XML What does it mean when the scan button is flashing on my R10 scanner?
If the scan button is flashing on your R10 , it could mean one of the following is occuring:
CMS-XML How do I replace or clean the rollers and separation pad in my R10 scanner?
The feed roller and separation pad inside the R10 scanner are consumable parts and will wear with scanning. If either the feed roller or the separation pad or both are worn, documents may not feed correctly and paper jams may occur.
CMS-XML How do I turn (power) ON / OFF my R10 scanner?
The power of this scanner is designed to turn ON when the feed tray is opened and OFF when the feed tray is closed. To power the R10 scanner ON or OFF, follow the steps below:
CMS-XML macOS 11 (Big Sur) support for imageFORMULA scanners
P-215 II R10 R40