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CMS-XML Countries and Regions Permitting Wireless Communication Function Use
CMS-XML Recording Via the Browser Remote Application on Your Smartphone (VIXIA HF G40 / LEGRIA HF G40)
You can operate the camcorder remotely via Browser Remote, a Web browser application that can be accessed using the Web browser of devices compatible with Wi-Fi networks. The Browser Remote application lets you monitor the image through live view, start and stop recording, and remotely control the shooting mode, exposure, white balance, aperture, gain, shutter speed, focus and zoom.
CMS-XML Supplied Accessories (VIXIA HF G40 / LEGRIA HF G40)
CR2025 lithium button battery Quick Guide Wi-Fi Basic Setup Guide
CMS-XML Viewing Recordings Using a Web Browser on Your iOS or Android Device (Playback via Browser) (VIXIA HF G40 / LEGRIA HF G40)
For Wi-Fi functions that require an iOS or Android device, you will need to set the camcorder's password. After you enter the password once, you will not need to enter it again*.
The GPS receiver's time will be set once when the receiver is attached to the camcorder. While recording movies and or when Wi-Fi Remote is activated, the time will not be set.
CMS-XML Setting the Microphone (VIXIA HF G40 / LEGRIA HF G40)
Using Wi-Fi functions while an external microphone is connected may cause noise to be recorded. Keep the microphone away from the camcorder when recording.
CMS-XML List of Messages (VIXIA HF G40)
List of Messages for Wi-Fi Functions
CMS-XML Transferring Recordings and Photos to a FTP Server Using a Wireless Connection (VIXIA HF G40 / LEGRIA HF G40)
REFERENCE The specifications of the camcorder's ( VIXIA HF G40 / LEGRIA HF G40 ) Wi-Fi standard are as follows. Wi-Fi protocol, operating frequency:
CMS-XML Battery performance (VIXIA HF G40)
Battery performance ( VIXIA HF G40 )
CMS-XML Copying Recordings to a DVD/Blu-ray Recorder (VIXIA HF G40 / LEGRIA HF G40)
Copying Recordings to a DVD/Blu-ray Recorder ( VIXIA HF G40 / LEGRIA HF G40 )
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