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CMS-XML Countries and Regions Permitting Wireless Communication Function Use
CMS-XML Microphone recommendations for use with the XL1S
CMS-XML Charging, Recording, and Playback times with the CA-920 adapter for the XL series camcorders.
Charging, Recording and Playback Times XL1, XL1s , and XL2 supplied with BP-930 XL H1 supplied with BP-950G
CMS-XML Using multiple microphones with the XL1/XL1S
How can I use multiple microphones with the XL1/XL1S? The XL1/XL1S is supplied with a stereo electret condenser microphone. With the optional MA-100 or MA-200 Microphone Adapter you can also use microphones equipped with XLR connectors, or you may attach a wireless microphone receiver. See pages 36-39 (XL1) or pages 51-54 (XL1S) of the manual for details on setting up the audio channels.
CMS-XML Installing the backup battery in a XL1S
Installing the Backup Battery Keep the battery out of reach of children. If it is swallowed, seek medical assistance immediately. The battery case may break, and the battery fluids may damage stomach and intestines.