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CMS-XML Compatible operating systems - LiDE 80
CMS-XML Box contents - CanoScan LiDE 80
CMS-XML Supported film sizes (LiDE 80)
Supported film sizes ( LiDE 80 )
CMS-XML Preparing to Scan Film (LiDE 80)
Preparing to Scan Film ( LiDE 80 )
CMS-XML Change the Select Source Option to Platen (LiDE 80)
Change the Select Source Option to Platen ( LiDE 80 )
CMS-XML Mounted slides are not supported (LiDE 80, 500F, 600F)
Mounted slides are not supported ( LiDE 80 , 500F, 600F)
CMS-XML Installing the CanoScan LiDE 80 software from CanoScan setup CD-ROM (Windows)
CMS-XML Calibrating the scanner
Calibrating the Scanner 8400F LiDE 80 9900F
CMS-XML Dynamic Range Specifications
Dynamic Range Specifications NA LiDE 25 NA LiDE 30 NA LiDE 35 NA LiDE 50 NA LiDE 500F NA LiDE 60 NA LiDE 600F NA LiDE 70 NA LiDE 80 NA N1220U NA N1240U
CMS-XML Verifying the scanner is detected by the computer (Windows)
to expand the category and then verify that the scanner is listed below it. The screenshot below shows the CanoScan LiDE 80 scanner as an example.
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