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CMS-XML EOS R3: Zebra Settings
Zebra Settings To help you adjust exposure before or during movie recording, you can display a striped pattern over or around image areas of a specified brightness.
CMS-XML EOS R3: Part Names
Part Names (1) Self-timer lamp/AF- assist beam (2)
CMS-XML EOS R3: Multi-Function Lock
Multi-Function Lock Specify camera controls to lock when the Multi-function lock is enabled. This can help prevent accidentally changing settings.
CMS-XML EOS R3: Rating Images
Rating Images Rating images can help you organize them.
CMS-XML EOS R3: Optical Viewfinder Simulation
Optical Viewfinder Simulation : OVF sim. view assist
CMS-XML EOS R3: Set-up
Set-up Video System Help Beeps
CMS-XML EOS R3: Silent Shutter Function
Silent Shutter Function Flash firing: [Disable AF- assist beam firing: [Disable Self-timer/remote control lamp: not illuminated
CMS-XML EOS R3: Handling Precautions
Handling Precautions This camera is designed to be dust- and drip- resistant, in order to help prevent sand, dust, dirt, or water that falls on it unexpectedly from getting inside, but it is impossible to prevent dirt, dust, water, or salt from getting inside at all. As far as possible, do not allow dirt, dust, water, or salt to get on the camera.
CMS-XML EOS R3: Safety Instructions
Safety Instructions The parts or provided items of cameras or accessories are dangerous if swallowed. If swallowed, seek immediate medical assistance .
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