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CMS-XML Faxing Documents from Computers
2. Right-click the icon for the machine -> click [Printing preferences] -> [Canon L190 /L410 Series ( FAX )]. 3. Specify the desired settings in the fax driver screen -> click [OK]. For details about the fax driver settings, view the online help.
CMS-XML Sending a Fax Manually
CMS-XML Cannot Send a Fax
CMS-XML Scanning Settings When Sending a Fax
CMS-XML Uninstalling Software
1. From the [Start] menu, click [(All) Programs] -> [Canon] -> [ FAX L190 ] -> [Uninstall Drivers]. 2. Click [Delete]. 3. Click [Yes] to confirm the uninstallation.
CMS-XML Where is the serial number on my L190 fax machine?
CMS-XML Registering Basic Information When Sending a Fax
CMS-XML If You Cannot Receive a Fax
CMS-XML Installing the FAX L Drivers
CMS-XML Saving Received Fax Documents in the Memory/Forwarding Received Fax Documents
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