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CMS-XML Disconnect non standard fax protocol device from line
CMS-XML Verify the remote fax machine is set to answer automatically
CMS-XML Connect the fax to the correct phone line
CMS-XML Verify the fax number to send to is correct
CMS-XML Fax specifications MultiPASS F50
Fax Specifications - F50 F30 F50 Standard
CMS-XML Manual sending MultiPASS F50
Sending Faxes manually
CMS-XML Automatic fax forwarding MultiPASS F50
Automatically Forwarding Received Faxes If you are going to be away from your computer for a long period of time, you can have faxes automatically forwarded to you at a remote location. You specify the specific fax number to which all faxes are forwarded. Faxes are forwarded to you for as long as the Auto Forward setting is enabled.
CMS-XML Scanning with MP toolbar MultiPASS F30 / F50
Scanning using the MultiPASS Toolbar If you clicked 'Fax 'in Step 2 (F50 only ): In the Send Fax dialog box, enter the appropriate information and send the fax.
CMS-XML Connect the answering machine to the fax
CMS-XML Connecting external devices to the multifunction fax
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