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CMS-XML Wireless Setup Help - PIXMA TS702
Wireless Setup on Android Phone and Tablets Wireless Setup on iOS Devices (iPad, iPhone) TS702 Page
CMS-XML Getting Started Guide - TS702
CMS-XML Support Code 1410 is displayed - TS702
CMS-XML PIXMA TS702 Easy Wireless Connect setup - Windows Computers
CMS-XML Support Code 5B00 is displayed - TS702
CMS-XML Entering Text, Numbers and Symbols on the TS702
CMS-XML Quiet Setting - TS702
This article provides information on enabling or disabling the Quiet setting of the PIXMA TS702 using its operation panel.
CMS-XML Print Area - TS702
This article provides information on the print area for the PIXMA TS702 when using paper, printable discs, or envelopes.
CMS-XML Printing on Postcards - TS702
This article provides information regarding printing on postcards with the PIXMA TS702 .
CMS-XML Unsupported Media Types - TS702
This article lists some media types that are not supported by the PIXMA TS702 .
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