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CMS-XML Resend the fax
CMS-XML Disconnect non standard fax protocol device from line
CMS-XML Connect the answering machine to the fax machine-IC D/PC 1000 Series
CMS-XML Contact the other party and have them load paper in their fax machine or free up space in their fax machine memory
CMS-XML Connect the fax to the correct phone line
CMS-XML Enter outside dialing prefix before the fax number
CMS-XML Resend the document to a G3 fax machine
CMS-XML Fax Specifications IC D880/780/680/PC 1080F
CMS-XML Sending a fax Overseas (from the U.S.) - PC1080F/D680/ D780 /D880
CMS-XML Copier Specifications IC D780 /761/760
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