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CMS-XML Countries and Regions Permitting Wireless Communication Function Use
CMS-XML Using an iOS/Android device to control the camcorder from another location after setting it up in your home (Remote Control+Streaming) (VIXIA HF R60/R62)
REFERENCE The camcorder can connect to a Wi-Fi network using a wireless router (access point) and even remember the settings for the 4 most recently used access points. IMPORTANT
CMS-XML Reacquiring subjects lost during zooming (Framing Assistance)
CMS-XML Connecting to a Computer via Wi-Fi and Viewing and Saving Movies and Photos Using a Web Browser (Playback via Browser)
CMS-XML Slow & Fast Motion Recording (VIXIA HF R60/R62/R600)
Slow & Fast Motion Recording ( VIXIA HF R60 /R62/R600)
CMS-XML Recording Formats: Available Options (AVCHD/MP4) and Setting Procedures (VIXIA HF R60/R62/R600)
Recording Formats: Available Options (AVCHD/MP4) and Setting Procedures ( VIXIA HF R60 /R62/R600)
CMS-XML Taking Photos with the Camcorder_3
) and [ ] ( HF R60 /R62 only) or [ ] will appear momentarily on the screen and the ACCESS indicator will flash as the photo is recorded.