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CMS-XML Features of the CR190i
CMS-XML Daily Cleaning - CR190
To ensure high-quality image scanning, regularly clean your CR-190i as described below.
CMS-XML Document Feeding - CR190
The CR-190i can feed a wide variety of document sizes. The ranges of height and length for a document are:
CMS-XML Using Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection - CR190
The double feed detection function that the scanner is equipped with uses the penetration of ultrasonic waves to detect when two or more documents are fed at the same time. If false detections happen too often, disable the double feed detection function. When using the accompanying Scanning Utility for the CR-190i :
CMS-XML Scan Procedure - CR190
Scan Procedure When using the accompanying Scanning Utility for CR-190i : There are three scanning methods as follows. Scan 1 page