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CMS-XML What are the features of the P-208 doucment scanner?
Features of the Scanner Equipped with Feeder Up to 10 pages of a document can be loaded and then fed continuously, or one at a time. Wi-Fi connectivity
CMS-XML Cleaning the Scanner ( P-208 )
CMS-XML Environmental Settings - Mac ( P-208 )
CMS-XML Operation in Continuous Scanning Screen ( P-208 )
CMS-XML Detaching and attaching the separation pad - P-208 Series
CMS-XML How do I turn the P-208 on/off?
CMS-XML Cleaning the Scanning Glass and the Rollers ( P-208 )
CMS-XML Loading a document in the P-208
Follow these steps to properly load documents into the P-208 .
CMS-XML Environmental Settings - Windows (P-208)
[Maintenance] Tab On the [Maintenance] tab, output the log file for maintenance of CaptureOnTouch. Click [Preferences] from the [CaptureOnTouch P-208 ] menu while the main screen of CaptureOnTouch is displayed. The following describes the setting items of each tab displayed in the [Environmental Settings] dialog box.
CMS-XML Connecting the scanner to the computer.
Follow these steps to connect the P-208 properly to a computer.
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