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CMS-XML Set up your MX922 printer on a wireless network using Windows Connect Now (WCN) connection
REFERENCE If an error message is displayed, see "Troubleshooting" at the right. REFERENCE
CMS-XML Troubleshoot printer not usable issues - MX922
Learn some common issues and solutions to correct an unusable PIXMA MX922 printer.
CMS-XML Resolve a Printer Not Responding Message - PIXMA MX922
Troubleshoot a PIXMA MX922 printer that's not responding to a wireless network.
CMS-XML Install PIXMA MX922 Printer Software on a Mac Wirelessly
Get video or written help to install PIXMA MX922 software on a Mac already connected to a wireless network.
CMS-XML Uninstall and reinstall Printer Drivers for a PIXMA MX922
Learn how to uninstall and then reinstall your PIXMA MX922 printer drivers to fix a problem for Windows or Mac.
CMS-XML Connect Your PIXMA MX922 Printer to the Right Wireless Network
Learn how to choose the correct wireless network name (SSID), to be abe to use your PIXMA MX922 printer with your computer.
CMS-XML Use your MX922 printer over a network with an additional computer
Learn how to use your network-connected PIXMA MX922 printer with more than one computer.
CMS-XML Troubleshoot an undetected printer during setup on a wireless network - MX922
Learn ways to fix an undetected MX922 printer when setting it up on a wireless network.
CMS-XML Change your USB-connected MX922 printer to wireless - Macintosh OSX
Learn how to change the way your PIXMA MX922 printer is connected to a Macintosh computer. Shows how to move from a USB to a wireless LAN connection.
CMS-XML Connect Your Windows PC to a PIXMA MX922 Printer That is Connected Wirelessly
Learn how to install software to connect your Windows computer to your PIXMA MX922 printer after the printer is connected to a wireless network.
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