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CMS-XML Setting up the wireless printer after changing routers, router settings or networks (Windows)
Perform the following procedure to uninstall the MP drivers: MP620 / MP980 MX340 MX860
CMS-XML Select correct SSID (Network name) to use on wireless LAN - MP620/620B Mac OS X
Select the correct SSID (Network name) for using the printer via wireless LAN - MP620 Mac OS X
CMS-XML Confirm the correct network name is selected
MP560 MP620 / MP620B MP620 / MP620B
CMS-XML Uninstall the MP drivers then reinstall to set up the printer for use over a wireless LAN- MP620 / MP620B
If you would like to view a video Walk-Through of the wireless setup online, ... 4. Select Change wireless / wired, then press the OK ... If you cannot go to the next procedure after 10 minutes, click Help ... is displayed, refer to displayed comments and Help for improving the status of communication link.