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CMS-XML How to perform the wireless setup using a USB cable (Windows)
CMS-XML How to change the connection method from USB to wireless (Mac OS X)
CMS-XML How to use the printer in wireless connection
CMS-XML What is WPS and how do I use it to set up the printer on the wireless LAN? (MX452-MX459)
( Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a method that allows you to easily connect network devices to a secure wireless network. You do not need to know your SSID or password (network key) when using this method. If you have a WLAN access point/router that supports WPS, you can easily connect your Canon wireless printer to your home network.
CMS-XML Printer not detected during Wireless LAN setup - MX452 / MX459
When installing the printer on a computer, message Printer Not Detected may appear during wireless setup. ... The access point (or wireless router) and wireless printer may not be communicating. ... The computer and access point (or wireless router) have lost connection. ... Disable the firewall or contact vendor for help
CMS-XML Select correct SSID (Network name) to use on wireless LAN - MX452 / MX459 Mac OS X
MX452 Page MX459 Page
CMS-XML Uninstalling / Reinstalling the MX452 / MX459 Drivers
Installing / Reinstalling Drivers MX452 Page MX459 Page
CMS-XML Printing out the LAN details - MX450 Series / MX470 Series / MX532
The steps listed below are specific to the MX452 / MX459 / MX472 / MX479 and MX532 printers. For instructions for other models,
CMS-XML Printer Is Offline Message - PIXMA MX452, MX459
Resolve your printer connection Make sure the printer is plugged in and turned ON Confirm that the printer and the computer are connected to the same network ( wireless router) print out the network settings
CMS-XML Printer not responding (Wireless LAN) - MX452 / MX459
Printer is not responding The computer and access point (or wireless router) have lost connection. and then attempt to print again.