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3 - 2 B l a n k P a p e r i s O u t p u t o r U n k n o w n D a t a i s P r i n t e d A f t e r S t a r t i n g t h e F i r m w a r e U p d a t e Cause The firmware update was started without switching the machine to download mode.
CMS-XML Setting the IP Address (IP v. 4)
Input Example (Macintosh/UNIX): "arp - s 00:1E:8 F :46:80:2e" NOTE If you are using IBM-AIX
CMS-XML Get Ink Status / Replace ink tank(s) MX7600
When Replacing Color or Black Ink Tanks Once an ink tank has been installed, do not remove it from the machine and leave it out in the open. This will cause the ink tank to dry out, and the machine may not operate properly when it is reinstalled. To maintain optimal printing quality, use an ink tank within six months of first use.
CMS-XML Using the scanner push-buttons (D1250U2F)
Using the [SCAN] button. Position the item( s ) on the document glass of the scanner. Press the [SCAN] button on the scanner.
CMS-XML Setting up additional computer( s ) for use over wireless LAN (Macintosh) - MX350 / MX870
CMS-XML Procedure for printing from ImageBrowser
Printing Images 1. Select the image( s ) you wish to print. A blue frame appears around selected images.
CMS-XML Available LAN Settings
, follow the steps below. Then, view or change the setting( s ).
CMS-XML 2-sided Printing (Mac) (imageCLASS)
The printing procedure varies for each application. For details, refer to the manual( s ) supplied with each application.
CMS-XML Set / Reset the folder for saving scans on Mac OS X MP860
Change the Save In or Temporary Files Location( s ). Click Preferences to open the Preferences
CMS-XML Set the Ink Intensity (Mac OS X) MP190
If the color of print results is different from the picture( s ) on the display, it can be adjusted by changing the value of the color balance and intensity.
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