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3 Troubleshooting 3 T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g 3 - 1 T h e U S B C a b l e o r L A N C a b l e B e c a m e D i s c o n n e c t e d W h i l e t h e F i r m w a r e w a s b e i n g U p d a t e d
CMS-XML List of Messages (VIXIA HF R30 / HF R32 / HF R300)
- If the wireless router is using MAC address filtering, enter the camcorder's MAC address in the wireless router's configuration screen. Wi-Fi cannot be used while the wireless microphone is attached - The camcorder��������� s Wi-Fi functions cannot be used while the optional WM-V1 Wireless Microphone is connected to the camcorder. Disconnect the microphone from the MIC terminal and turn it off.
CMS-XML How to print using the mobile terminal such as a smartphone in a wireless LAN
For the wireless setup for the Android terminal, follow the instructions below. NOTE: The procedures below are the ones for GALAXY S SC-02 B (Android 2.2). Step 1.
CMS-XML Verification of Correct Playback via Browser/Browser Remote Operation by OS and Browser (EOS C100 Mark II)
Supported OS (*1) Browser Supported devices AVCHD MP4 PHOTO 35Mbps 24/17/ 4/3 Mbps L/ S Playback Save Playback Save Playback Save Playback Save iOS 6 Safari iPhone/iPad (*2) NO NO NO NO YES NO YES YES(*4) iOS 7 Safari iPhone/iPad (*2) NO NO YES NO YES NO YES YES(
CMS-XML Using Wi-Fi to Playback Photos on a Computer (XC10)
The instructions in this chapter assume you already have a correctly configured and working network, network device( s ) and/or Wi-Fi access point. If necessary, refer to the documentation provided with the network devices you want to use.
CMS-XML Sending images to a computer (Wi-Fi function) (EOS 70D)
Step 1: Preparing necessary items 1. Check the computer` s requirements. The camera can connect to the following computers via wireless LAN.
CMS-XML Setting up additional computer(s) for use over wireless LAN (Macintosh) - MX350 / MX870
Using the Machine from Additional Computers If the machine is already connected to a wireless / wired connection, it can be used from additional computers on the same network.
CMS-XML Set the Ink Intensity (Mac OS X) MP620 / MP620B
If the color of print results is different from the picture( s ) on the display, it can be adjusted by changing the value of the color balance and intensity.
CMS-XML Configure the printer driver to the correct port - MP620 / MP620B
Configure the Port Correctly 4. Click the Ports tab to confirm the port settings. Make sure that a port named USBnnn (where "n" is a number) with Canon XXX Printer appearing in the Printer column is selected for Print to the following port( s ). If the port setting is not correct, reinstall the MP Drivers or change the port setting according to the interface you are using.
CMS-XML Get Ink Status / Replace ink tank(s) MX7600
With the LCD of this Machine ( B ) Empty ink tank. "Printer detected ink out condition. Stop printing, then replace the ink tank." (when printing is in progress) / "Printer detected ink out condition of the following ink. Replace the ink tank." (when printing is not in progress) U172
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