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CMS-XML Saving scanned images in Mac OS X - MP160
CMS-XML Setup Color / Black button for scanning on Mac OS X ( MP160 )
CMS-XML Reset Print Center then reinstall drivers ( MP160 / MP180 / MP460)
CMS-XML Uninstalling the MP160 / MP180 / MP460 drivers (Mac OS X)
CMS-XML Change Print Quality on Mac OS X ( MP160 / MP180 / MP460)
CMS-XML Cleaning the paper feed rollers (Mac OS X) MP160 / MP180 / MP460
CMS-XML To use the product you are using in the Mac OS X v10.6 environment_8200653100EN
MP130, MP140, MP150, MP160 , MP170, MP180, MP190, MP210, MP240, MP450, MP460, MP470, MP480, MP510, MP520, MP950
CMS-XML System Requirements (MP160)
To successfully install and use the software, your system must meet the following requirements: Canon IJ Status Monitor cannot be used under the following conditions: - When sharing this machine on a network (Windows Me, Windows 98) Browser: Windows HTML Help Viewer