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CMS-XML Setup Color / Black button for scanning on Mac OS X ( MP530 )
CMS-XML To use the product you are using in the Mac OS X v10.6 environment
MP500, MP530 , MP600, MP610, MP750, MP760, MP780, MP800, MP810, MP830, MP960 The software supporting Mac OS X v10.6 for the above models and how to install them are shown below.
CMS-XML MP530 firmware v.1.08 upgrade procedure on Mac OS X
Return your printer to its normal operating condition by pressing the ON/OFF button, waiting a few seconds, then pressing the ON/OFF button to turn the printer ON. After completing these steps, restart the upgrade utility and run the upgrade again. If you are unable to complete the upgrade or to get the printer returned to its normal condition, please contact the nearest Canon service center for further assistance .